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OhPhish portal imitates real-world phishing scenarios. The platform equips employees with the most efficient solutions and products to combat phishing attacks and prevent data breaches. It caters to the need for businesses by creating a safe working environment from Phishing, Smishing and Vishing attacks.


  • Web based portal to test employees’ susceptibility to cyber attack
  • Fully automated end to end Phishing, Vishing and SMShing Simulation service, providing clients platform to trigger campaigns for their employees
  • Capture responses and provided detailed reports and trends (on a real time basis), can be tracked by the designated office, etc
  • OhPhish integrates e-Learning and gamification modules in a Learning Management System (LMS), helping employees to stay aware of phishing attacks.
  • Free Simulations for upto 1000 users

Key Features:

  • Agile Hosting Model Cloud, Hybrid solution
  • On-Demand Customization
  • Integration with Existing Systems
  • Simple, Intuitive UI
  • Flexible & Time efficient
  • Single platform for all types of simulations
  • Scalable to large number of users
  • Integrated with world class LMS
  • Management Dashboards & Executive Reporting Structure
  • 24X7 support
  • Multiple Phishing Campaigns
  • Plethora of Interactive Training Materials
  • Just-In-Time Training, assigned automatically
  • Customisable Templates

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