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Computer Forensics and Forensic Science

Sardonyx Technologies is all out to eradicate all suspects no matter what the crime may be and how secretly it was committed, we are ready to verify and answer even simple questions regarding document authenticity or alteration. Tracing computer/mobile/ digital breaches, Ink age determination, the age of a document (whether machine or hand printed), handwriting identification or analysis, counterfeit investigation and even product piracy are often at the forefront to solving the mystery at hand.

In today’s world, documents are all around us and used in civil and criminal litigations, family law, real estate transactions, Traveling Documents, medical hearings, and employment arbitrations. Any of these documents could be altered or counterfeited in an attempt to augment one side of a legal argument. That is where Computer forensic and forensic science can come in. Specific services includes;

  • Computer Forensics
  • Mobile Forensics
  • Digital Forensics
  • Memory Analysis and Malware Analysis
  • Log and Packet Analysis
  • Organization Wide Compliance Monitoring
  • Monitoring Solution to Track Transaction Behavioral Pattern (AI)
  • Forensic Crime Scene Investigation
  • Document Examination
  • Latent Fingerprint Examination

Forensic Incident Response

We can provide rapid response on site (covert or overt) as well as lab-based forensic imaging of digital media including PCs, servers, networks and removable media. We use a number of industry- standard methodologies and forensic applications including Encase FTK, Safeback and Linux DD.

Forensic Investigations

We conduct forensic examination and analysis of a wide range of digital media including hard disks, floppy disks, CD and DVD media, mobile phones, organizers (PDAs), digital storage cards (such as SmartDrive, CompactFlash and memory sticks) printers, fax machines, SANs, NASs, email systems and so on. In fact, we pride ourselves on conducting leading edge research and developing forensic protocols for the examination of some of the more exotic forensic and unusual devices, such as satellite navigation systems, games consoles and television access control systems.

Internet Investigations

Working with our strategic partner, AccessData, we provide a comprehensive range of covert internet investigation and analysis including email analysis, packet capture, web profiling, identity determination, posting and visibility monitoring, domain control mapping, identification of malicious posting sources, intellectual property intelligence services and internet risk/threat mitigation. Using highly-specialized proprietary software and hardware, coupled with our sophisticated human intelligence operations, we have the capability to mine information from the parts of the net that are not normally open to public scrutiny. We can correlate vast volumes of disparate intelligence into meaningful information, giving us the ability to investigate threats to your products, intellectual property, market channels and other areas.

Data Recovery Services

In the event of either logical or physical damage, we have the capability to recover data from all types of digital media including all RAID configurations.

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